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Benefits of an Uncontested Probate from Wealth Guardian. Gilbert, AZ

Focus On What's Important

Probate is the process of distributing the assets of someone who dies either intestate, without a will, or testate, with a will. It is a long process, taking on the average eight months. This troublesome process comes along during the hardest time there is. We are here to help take the burden off of you so you can focus on more important things.

Affordable Price

Probate is a time consuming and complicated process. We are here to help make this process simpler and cheaper for you. We offer our services at a cost that is much less than an attorney would charge. Our fee's are flat rate and you never need to worry about hidden fees or charges.

Paperwork Generation

We will prepare all the necessary paperwork for you and help guide you in your responsibilities as the personal representative. We will provide you with secured access so your important documents are easy to access and available anywhere.

Easy To Understand

We are also here to make sure no time consuming or costly mistakes are made, which can easily happen when you are not familiar with the probate process. Legal rules and procedures can be extremely confusing and hard to navigate alone. We strive to make the process simpler and easy to understand.

Our Process. What to expect.

1. Data Gathering

This is generally the initial appointment. During the appointment we will collect all of the information that we need from you to complete the probate paperwork. Generally, these appointments take 30 minutes to complete.

2. Filing for Appointment as Personal Representative

This is the initial step to getting the court process started. We will prepare all of the documents that need to be filed with the court. All of the documents we provide are in pleading format, they are not fill in the blank forms. Once the documents are complete you can file them. You will then be issued legal documentation that will give you the right to act as Personal Representative of the estate. Once you have been granted that status we will give notice to all interested parties and publish notice in the newspaper for you.

3. Inventory of the Estate

This step requires all of the decedent’s assets and liabilities to be listed out for review by the court. Assets include real property, such as a home, and personal property, such as a computer, china, furniture, appliances, etc. After we have prepared the inventory forms you will be able to file them with the court and proceed to the next step.

4. Administering & Accounting the Estate

This step is where all of the assets get distributed to the rightful heirs, which is your responsibility to complete. Also during this time debts will need to be paid off and a final tax return will need to be filed. If there is any real property that needs to be transferred we will complete a Deed of Distribution for you to file so that it can be accomplished.

5. Closing the Estate

This is the last step in the probate process. At this time a Closing Statement needs to be filed with the court, which we will complete for you. As well as mailing a copy of the statement to any interested parties involved in the case. After the closing statement is filed, you have to wait for approval from the judge, and then your case will be finalized and complete.

Just how good is Wealth Guardian Legal Documents?
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Wealth Guardian Legal Documents was a life saver! I was stricken with grief over the death of my father and I was absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of work I had to do as his personal representative. The Certified Legal Document Preparers completed all of the paperwork that I needed and provided all of their services at a greatly reduced cost, compared to several attorneys in the area that I had gotten quotes. Thank you Wealth Guardian Legal Documents!

I thought that doing to probate for my mother’s estate would be simple. I was an only child and my father had already passed years ago. But I got myself into way more than I expected. I spent hours trying to figure out what I needed to do and still was confused about the first step to take. That’s when I came across Wealth Guardian Legal Documents. I called and scheduled an appointment and was soon on my way to easy street as Wealth Guardian Legal Documents took over all of the hard work.

When my aunt died we went to an attorney for help with probate. The fees were ridiculous and a large chunk of the funds she left behind went to paying his bill. So when my grandmother died I looked for another option. Wealth Guardian Legal Documents was the perfect solution to my problem. They helped me with all that needed to be done and their fee was extremely reasonable.