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Benefits of a Revocable Living Trust from Wealth Guardian Legal Documents. Gilbert, AZ.

Avoid Probate

Are you looking to avoid probate when it’s time to pass your assets to your beneficiaries? If you want a way to transfer your assets to the next generation without all the court costs, attorney fees, personal representative fees and other expenses, we have your solution!

Avoid Creditors

Many people do not know that when their estate goes through probate, creditors will have an opportunity to lay claim to some of their assets. This can easily be avoided when one properly prepares to transfer assets through a Revocable Living Trust.

Minor Children

Do you have minor children and need to assign a Guardianship and/or Conservatorship over them? By creating a Trust, you will have the power to make sure that your children will be taken care of and the assets follow your children. Without a trust, some families fight over the money while the children end up in the custody of the state.

Irresponsible Children

Do you have a child that makes poor financial decisions? Maybe he or she has drug addiction or other addictive behaviors that concern you. Our trust package allows you to make sure their inheritance will not be wasted on drugs or gambling.

Just how good is Wealth Guardian Legal Documents?
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We needed to get our trust done immediately and he got us in right away, completed it quickly, and even helped execute and fund the trust. We were going to use Legal Zoom to do it, but at the end we were going to be spending over $800 and we weren't even getting everything that we got from Wealth Guardian. Not to mention that didn't even give us an executed or funded trust.

Lavern T.
Very Professional. I was extremely impressed! My parents just got a stack of papers from their attorney, but mine was bound in a nice leather binder, with tabs and everything. They also provided the witnesses and Notary to make it official, plus they also game me an electronic copy to share with my kids. ...Thanks Wealth Guardian Legal Documents!!!

Robery & Phyillis M.
When I was pricing places out one attorney told me that his price was a little higher because he provided marital agreement, which are one of the most important documents in a Trust, but most trusts do not included it, his price was $3,000, Wealth Guardian Legal Documents provided not only the Marital Agreement, but other documents as well...all for $899...thanks for the great deal.

Craig J.

Our Process. What to expect.

1. Data Gathering

This appointment is generally about 45 minutes and provides us with the pertinent information that we need to prepare your documents. This appointment is also when you will select which Trust Package or documents you will have us prepare.

2. Document Preparation

We will prepare your documents accurately and precisely. The documents that we prepare are not templates or fillable forms, but customized documents just for you. This process generally takes about a week to complete.

3. Execution

We will provide two disinterested witnesses and a notary public, and ensure that everything is executed properly. You will have an electronic in pdf format, you will also take home your originals, which will be bound in a padded leather binder.

4. Transfer of Assets

Once your documents are completed and executed, we assist you in transferring your assets to your trust, commonly known as funding the trust.

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  Ultimate $1,499 Irrevocable $2,999

Revocable Living Trust

Certificate of Trust

Marital Property Agreement

Last Will & Testament

Durable Power of Attorney

HealthCare Power of Attorney

Mental Health Power of Attorney

Living Will

Memoranda & Instructions

Administrative Documents

Customized Transfer Letters

One Trust Transfer Deed

Schedule of Assets

Guardianship for Minors

Creditor Protection Trust

Divorce Protection Trust

Bankruptcy Protection Trust

IRA Trust

Choose One of the Following:
VA Planning Trust
Medicaid Planning Trust
Special Needs Trust
Creditor Protection Trust
Other Irrevocable Trust